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NOTE: As of February 2010 Arndean Gallery is no longer a gallery for rent. We would like to thank all our clients who chose our gallery for their exhibitions. We have had a fabulous ten years and will be sure to let you all know if we decide to open another rental gallery.

This was the gallery's website for those years. The content below is from the site's 2006 archived pages.

Arndean Gallery is situated in London's principal art street. With neighbours including: Flowers East, Waddingtons, Mercury Gallery, Houldsworth Fine Art, Messum's, Beaux Arts plus the Royal Academy at the end of the street, this rental gallery is perfectly placed to attract serious buyers.

Arndean Gallery boasts excellent hanging space and modern facilities.

Ground Floor

Easily visible from the street through a large window, the ground floor also has the advantage of an arch splitting the display area to accommodate varying subjects/styles. The arch has been designed with enough hanging space to allow for a large painting to be seen by passers by.

The desk with a Featureline telephone system is situated in the front section of the gallery with two display tables; can easily be dismantled and taken downstairs if necessary.

The hanging system consists of white rods, hung from a white picture rail. The lights are the latest design and of the highest quality. Nails are allowed on the understanding that the holes are re-filled for the next occupant.

The Basement

The basement is accessed from the right hand side of the ground floor in front of the arch. It consists of a separate gallery area, storage room, coat cupboard, kitchen with large American fridge, office with chair, sofa bed, shelf for a laptop and gallery fax, plus a shower room. Plinths for sculptures plus the easel are kept in the storage room and can be accessed at any time.


STRENESSE Autumn/Winter 2006
Strenesse Gabriele Strehle
Strenesse Menswear
Strenesse Blue

11 - 24 February, 2006

Elisabeth Jakobs
Tel 00 49 160 705 9813
(Academic of Academy of arts of
Russian Federation, Czech Republic,
Kyrgyzstan. Prize of International
Alliance named after Salvador Dali,
Prague-Madrid 2002, Prize of
EUROUNION of arts, Belgium 2002)

“I am with you, a HUMAN BEING”

Yerbolat TOLEPBAY: "Man – his greatness and smallness, his simplicity and complexity, hopes and trust, his tired loneliness, usual union or distraction from nature – is the existential issue of creativity. Man, being sensitive and very cruel at the same time, loving and very indifferent among creatures of nature puts in his reflections, his doubts and delusion, destroying and weakening the mystic possibilities of renewal inherent in nature. This history of man clearly and strangely appears in the pictures with mystic, symbolic names "Two", "Three".
(qualified stylist and modeler for Haute Couture. Education and practical training
in Paris, with amongst others, Jimmy Taverniti)

Ayla TURAN combines enticing, high quality materials and cuts of extravagant evening wardrobe, the haute couture, with the charm, the variety, wear ability of the street, everyday life indeed, of life itself.

February 26 - March 5, 2006

Paul Brown
Recent Oil Paintings

May 8 - 13, 2006

Mon - Friday 10am - 6pm
Saturday 10am - 4pm
Tel 07876 513595

Derek Hare
Visions of India
Atmospheric paintings showing the diversity of the landscape, colours and moods of this exciting country.

September 25 - 30, 2006

Tel 020 8505 3050

Helen Sinclair and Terry Ryall
New Sculpture and Painting
Bronze figurative sculpture,
abstract painting and mixed media.

October 30 - November 4, 2006

Helen Sinclair
Tel +44 (0) 1792 390798

Elena Carr and Serena Banham
Elena Carr Sculptures and Drawings
Serena Banham Photography

Serena Banham's inspiration comes from the ever changing Cornish light. She says "The same view changes in an instant, I try to capture the moment before its gone". Elena Carr works from the figure as a starting point of an exploration of clay, charcoal and bronze. Her interest is in mark making and subtle abstraction.

December 4 - 10, 2006 

Elena Carr
Tel 07976 851689
Serena Banham
Tel 07967 332471


Wabi Art 
Jyushin Hirasawa: Halcyon Days
Sumi (Japanse ink) paintings, water colour and glass paintings by a Japanese artist, Jyushin Hirasawa, in his first London exhibition Halcyon Days. The theme 'peace' is expressed by exploring the relationship between animals, humans and nature in a variety of medium, style (figurative, abstract and fusion of the two), colour (from monochrome to exuberantly
polychrome), scale (from large to miniature), and motifs (from flowers and fruit to men and elephants).

Exhibiting from Monday 5th December to Saturday 10th December 2005

Yumiko Ogasawara
Tel 0778 601 2224


Fari Shams
Linescapes of thought - Secret Vision
in association with the Iran Heritage Foundation

Exploring the relation between music and numbers, this exhibition continues a body of work looking at the harmony behind mathematics and its intimate relationship with the observer.

Exhibiting from 28th November - 3rd December 2005

Fari Shams
Tel 07791 000 253
Charles Church Fine Art Ltd.
Great British
An exhibition of 50 oil paintings celebrating our rural heritage.

Hounds, Poultry, Horses,
Cattle, Landscapes, Coast.
Catalogue foreword by H.R.H. The Prince of Wales. 

Exhibiting 31st October - 5th November 2005

Tel 01258 880 871
Web  (exhibition online from 7th October)
Bella Figura 
Beautiful Bronze: Stunning Silver 
This exhibition encompasses contemporary bronze sculptures, sculptural silverware and wall art in a combination of traditional and state-of-the-art styles. 

Exhibition runs from 24th October to 29th October 2005

Tel 020 8870 8561 
Yumiko Nagata
Enchanted By Gagaku
This exhibition consists of a series of Japanese prints and relieves made by silver chasing. All the art works are inspried by the beauty of Gagaku.

Exhibiting from Monday 10th October to Saturday 15th October 2005

Tel 0081 493 62 3231

Coskun Fine Art 
American Art from 1960
Featuring works by Warhol, Wesselmann, Ruscha, Haring and Hamilton.

Exhibiting 2 September - 1 October 2005

Gul Coskun 
Tel 0207 581 9056